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What is Regenerative Bioscience?

Regenerative bioscience is a field of study that aims to develop new ways to replace, repair, or regenerate human and animal cells, tissues, or organs from a pathologic or diseased condition. In cases of severe injury or disease the innate healing and defense mechanisms of the body are limited and there are no effective treatments. Therefore, the goal of regenerative bioscience is to find a way to cure previously untreatable injuries and diseases.

What will I learn?

We are enormously proud to be the first University in the country to offer an undergraduate degree in Regenerative Bioscience. As a Regenerative Bioscience major, you will be working with nationally recognized scientists with diverse human and animal expertise. You will be taught the most current and emerging concepts in regenerative bioscience. From basic to translational science, to how these paradigms are being used to treat complex diseases and injuries. You will gain an in-depth understanding of cell therapy and cell manufacturing approaches, including using gene editing tools to alter disease progression. You will learn about tissue engineering and bioengineering of novel therapies, and the development of medical devices and novel diagnostics. As part of the program, you will become intimately familiar with the current state of the regenerative bioscience industry. We will also give you a “front door opportunity” to participate in experiential-learning through hands-on research and enrollment in the RBC laboratory experience. 

A world of opportunity awaits.

Career Options

  • Medical Professions
  • Veterinary Professions
  • Academic Professions
  • Bioscience Industry Professions
  • Allied Health Professions

Job Protection

  1. 1050+ global companies in 2022 now identify as regenerative medicine companies
  2. In 2020 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recognized regenerative medicine at the forefront of healthcare
  3. Projected U.S. market for regenerative medicine is estimated at $100 billion

Core Courses

Growing Workforce Demand

52k+ Jobs

Companies across the industrial life sciences in Georgia have published more than 52,000 unique job postings in the last 3.5 years

$100 Billion Projected Growth

Projected U.S. market for regenerative medicine is estimated at $100 billion


2021: New jobs created in Georgia by new and existing bioscience companies grew by 150%

Regenerative Medicine #1

1050+ global companies in 2022 now identify as regenerative medicine companies

You will find your passion. Then you will change the world.

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Students Krishna Patel and Maria Levy talk about their experience in the world’s first RB major.

When education becomes a personal journey, the results are amazing!

Michael Bowler

Michael Bowler

“This challenged and prepared me for my upper level classes and a potential career in medicine.”

Cali Callaway

Cali Callaway

“..research on brain injuries in domestic violence victims has proven to be the most transformative experience

Karishma Sriram

Karishma Sriram

“helped me look at the world in a new light and inspired me to utilize that new view and my resources to make a difference

Mentorship and Compassion: My Year with Emma

“When I started research, my graduate student mentor Emma Jones played a huge role in helping me quickly adapt to a fast-paced environment. She enthusiastically welcomed questions from myself and other undergraduate students, making it easier to understand exactly how each test contributed to the overall project.

I worked directly with Emma on a few portions of the swine model, including Gait Mat Tracking, post-operative care, and gait training. I was constantly learning from her attention to organization and meticulousness in gathering accurate data.  Beyond data collection, I could tell that she cared for the pigs we got to work with day in and day out. From creating fun names, to showing us the personalities of the animals involved in research, it is obvious that Emma has great compassion for all animals. 

Emma played a significant role in my decision to pursue graduate school and continue with scientific research after I graduate this spring.”

Abby Laury (left back row)Emma Jones (standing next to Abby in featured pic )

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Holly Kinder

Holly Kinder


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Franklin Delano West